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Nur Ikhwan Mohamad, PhD

Strength & Conditioning

for fitness, performance and health

Studying human movement, for improving human performance


Scope of Practice

Provide physical exercise and training prescription for the purpose of reducing risk of injury and increase performance, via systematic and evidence based practice. It is within the responsibilities of the strength and conditioning professionals to determine training objectives, perform need analysis, develop training plan, develop training program, do performance monitoring, determine effectiveness and perform modification for further enhancement.

Sports Catalysts Talk Show


Founded by Sharil Mohamad (Fly) & Hafizuddin Baki (Dynn), Sports Catalysts go live every THURSDAY night at 9pm at


SIG Conditioning

As part of my career and interest, I have founded SIGCONDITIONING. The Special Interest Group in Strength & Conditioning or SIG Conditioning, has been established since 2010. SIG Conditioning serves as professional education group in the area of strength training and physical conditioning for Malaysian. 

SIG Conditioning in collaborations with other practitioners within the industry especially from National Sports Institute (ISN) later founded Malaysian Strength & Conditioning Association (MSCA), registered with Registrar of Society (ROS) on 14th of May 2011. The association is a non-profit organization promoting best practice in strength and conditioning area among Malaysian strength and conditioning fraternity.