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The 'Celik Fizikal' or Physical Literacy for lifelong physical development project

Over the years we realizes that effectiveness of any strength and conditioning programs do not relies on physical competencies alone. It rather a combination of several factors and domains, which we find appropriately described by the definition of physical literacy. We need to be literate first, before we move on to the delivery of knowledge and practice. And we need to be physically literate from childhood up to adulthood. 

Wearable Resistance Related Projects

Increase in force production can either be achieved via load increment or increase in movement speed. We believes combination of heavy and light load loading between phases of training is the key towards velocity specific adaptation. 



Sebahagian daripada khidmat masyarakat sebagai sokongan kepada komuniti dalam menghadapi situasi Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan (PKP) yang diakibatkan oleh pandemik CIVID 19. 

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Conference, Seminars & Workshops

Since 2013, we have been giving commitment to organize one conference every year, gathering mainly our local Malaysian strength and conditioning partners, friends and clients.  At first the name of the conference changed every year dependable on current team members and collaborators. However since 2018 we tried to stick to the name "UPSI Strength & Conditioning Conference" or 'UPSISC". Seminars and workshops normally organized in other months before the conference.  

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Endurolift Fitness Challenge 

Endurolift Fitness Challenge is an initiative to promote and produce fit and healthy community among general population. The challenge main objectives are; (a) developing participant's overall physical fitness capabilities, (b) educating participants on systematic and well planned exercise methods, and (c)  encourage participants to be fit for life. 


         Introduced in 2013, Endurolift word derives from a combination of 'endurance' and 'lifting', as it earlier version involves only gym-based strength training exercises.  Over the years, the challenge has evolve into a more 'user friendly' and functional in nature. 


The challenges are part of scientific research process. It has been developed with safety consideration as suggested for healthy adults participating in physical conditioning program. Assessment and evaluation are continuously done on current protocols, and modifications are made from time to time to improve applications and effects.

Endurolift has consistently been organized once or twice a year at UPSI campus.


 Download Power Point & Video Link

Download powerpoint: FSSKj Webinar. Basic concept in designing a strength training program. 24 Nov 2021.

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