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Strength and conditioning education through the laptop and mobile phone screen.

The new semester is starting here.

They called the combined learning process via online and face-to-face classes as hybrid learning. Some called it as blended learning or mix-mode classes. In most situation before, a hybrid classes for strength and conditioning related educational courses still seems the best combination. Even World Rugby use similar approach in their educational courses. But, COVID-19 pushes the learning process into fully online learning process. And strength and conditioning (S&C) lecturers or educators like me have to go fully online, regardless of what we think about fully-online classes for practical based courses.

After two semesters of fully online classes, I think I had to accept that, with some modifications and effort from both sides (the students and the teachers), fully online learning may actually works well. The only thing is, the burden of effort is again shifted back to the student themselves (as it should be).

Not sure about other places, but spoon-fed styles or approaches are deeply rooted in here. The fully-online learning process pushes my students/learners to be more independent and more exploratory in their pursuit to success. But this may also related to how the online-classes are set-up. The way the assignments or tasks being formulated and assessed. And how the resources being made available or defined.

When I viewed their final assessment submitted in video form, combining both verbal explanation and practical demonstration in it, I can definitely see the effect of learning process at the end is quite the same. But yes, some personal hands-on touch of the lecturer/educator is missing. And some students/learners with lack of exposure to independent learning previously, or ones with lack of facilities and resources (and limited internet coverage) definitely on the losing end of this fully online learning from their own places.

Thus maybe for some students even with fully online learning, coming and staying in the campus still the best choice for them. And this brings forward the possible future learning environment where campuses do not need too many lecture halls, but set-up that provide better assistance to online-learning. However, more detailed research need to be done on this matter, assessing various field of study and individual courses, and how it will be affected by fully online learning. Generalization is not an option here. Do we want our future medical doctors trained fully online?

This is just a note from some random thoughts in my mind. And it just provide an insight from my own personal experience. Others may beg to differ dependable on their own experiences and/or based on their original research findings. So for you that are reading this now, what are your thoughts?

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