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Sumber artikel: Nor Ikhmar Madarsa. (2021, October). Recovery: 5-minutes foam rolling. Celik Fizikal, Bil.1, pp. 12-13.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the human lifestyle. The constraints of social life have created a new atmosphere in the effort to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The procedures and protocols in the new normative approach imposed by the authorities in leisure and sports activities have stimulated the community to tame in running activities.

Warm-up, stretching and staying hydrated before the run is essential in ensuring that the activity goes well. However, the concentration after the run in recovery also plays a crucial role in ensuring that the running activities can be done consistently and periodically. One of the recovery methods that can be considered for runners is foam rolling.

Before training, foam rolling has been shown to positively affect flexibility while reducing muscle soreness after exercise (AN & TM, 2015).

Apart from enhancing recovery, foam rolling has also been shown to benefit flexibility and mobility, reduce the risk of injury, and maximize performance (Kyle Stull, 2018).

However, to enhance flexibility, the guideline indicates the need to perform foam rolling for 90 seconds to 120 seconds in terms of flexibility effectiveness. The combination of dynamic stretching with foam rolling can help reduce muscle soreness and increase range of motion (S, H, SD, W, & R, 2020). In addition, proper foam rolling treatment can also help increase the range of motion and improve blood circulation.

Here's a 5-minute foam rolling routine that can be done to help the recovery process. Keep in mind, while doing a rolling foam routine, focus the roll on the part that feels less comfortable slowly. Do not rush to end the session because you feel uncomfortable. Roll slowly forward and backwards, side to side and hold for 30 seconds at the point that you feel uncomfortable or tender.



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