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Online Modules: L1 Foundations of Physical Conditioning.

A new chapter unfolded. The first online module for the basic fitness course is available now. The main purpose of the online module is as a hybrid teaching aid for my students. Second to that, it is to be offered as part of my community services, to those actively involved in fitness/physical conditioning activities, either as clients/athletes or as movers/leaders and trainers. This to ensure better coverage of physical literacy at all ages among community, which I consider as part of my responsibility as an educator in the field of exercise science.

The online course alone may not certify the participants as trainers, but it may provide foundational knowledge of exercise methods and the science behind them. It can also serve as a refresher course for qualified trainers and coaches, especially for those that may have left behind the area for quite some time and are coming back to it again now.

The module was written in a simple to understand language, with selected videos that I gathered from the public domain to assist learners. A simple test is provided at the end of each step/chapter, to ensure better understanding and emphasis on keypoints of the topic involved.

Int term of access, the module requires a manual request and approval process, as I hope to later group-in participants according to intake (as I operate on a semester basis at university). This will allow for better support later and provide networking opportunities for those joining.

The content of the module covers the typical foundation of fitness, such as the components of fitness, energy systems and basic concepts of planning. But moreover, the module also adds in more additional knowledge which I think is quite important nowadays amongst fitness / physical conditioning practitioners, such as a code of ethics, technological understanding of equipment and safety measures.

Finally, just do remember, the first model “L1 Foundations of Physical Conditioning” is still in the trial process. Please do forgive many of the glitches if you are joining it now. Thank you. 😊

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