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Hard and strange time…indeed.

Thank you all frontliners. Be safe, wherever you are.

It is quite a hard and strange time. Nearly the whole world seems suddenly stand still. Hardship experienced by many in various ways. Friends regardless of location and continent experiencing similar condition. At certain stage, I always said that online learning for our area of study should always be accompanied by face-to-face hands-on practical session. But now, suddenly there is no more choices available. Either you go online, or you perish. Sounds harsh, but that is the current “new normal”.

Speaking of which, being productive may not be an easy task for many within academia. Be it the faculty or the students. Internet data speed, appropriate working condition, sharing devices with kids school works, effect of inactivity (physically & mentally) and many more other valid reasons.

But this may not be as hard as the challenges face by the frontliners, and those who are unfortunate to lose their job or source of income during this hard time. Loss of income mainly due to the needs of social distancing and restricted movement order (even the best coaches and trainers experiencing this too). And as a reminder, without availability of vaccines, this situation may not be back to the “previous normal” soon.

Thus, during this strange and hard time, similarly with others all around the world, we are trying to adjust ourselves to the new normal. At the same time we are trying to contribute in any ways possible, in accordance with our capability and needs of the exercise science fraternity, as well as general public as a whole.

As a start, we would like to first thank all of the frontliners, especially in Malaysia for what they have done so far. Thank you and may all be safe till the end.For others, stay home and stay safe. Let us all do our part as best as it can be.

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