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Bloom’s Taxonomy and “creation” as the final destination of learning

Bloom's Revised Taxonomy,, Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching,

The revised Bloom’s taxonomy by Anderson and Krathwohl (2001) emphasis on ‘creation’ as the peak level of learning progress. The revised version (2001) focuses on action that should be able to be performed at each level of learning. The previous original version (1956) are more towards recognizing objective of learning at each level.

With the later version, it has also recognize the importance of originality of knowledge. Knowledge acquired should finally reach level of independent application and expansion (creation), thus it will be original in nature. Human civilization progress and excel with originality of ideas and its product (the creation). An individual or organization or a nation or a civilization will not reach its peak if they failed to have ‘creation’ ability.

So, from this point of view, the revised Bloom’s taxonomy corresponding well with the natural ways of human responding towards knowledge. If this is the case, then the Behaviorism’s learning theory seems more appropriate, that knowledge are acquired via stimuli and responses. And most important, we can say that the highest level of responses is when it is no longer just imitation of what has been seen, but pure new creation created to overcome the stimuli.

The constructivism’s learning theory stated that we construct our own knowledge based on individual experiences. What if the experiences are actually the stimulus and the constructs are the responses? Thus both popular learning theories may actually moves over the same concept, in line with the revised Bloom’s taxonomy.

Just a reminder, the problem with my statement or discussion here is, I am considered as subject matter expert in my area. I am academician with experience, but my field of study is science, and not pedagogical education. Thus, my points (opinion) need to be verified by educationist with expertise in this matter.

So what with creation and taxonomy? We now know where creation sits in the hierarchical level of learning. We also know that creation derives from experiences or stimulus. This experience or stimuli produce knowledge. Teaching and learning then, are actually the process of providing or creating this experience (stimuli), with taxonomy provides the hierarchical steps organized from the most foundation (easiest) to the most complex.

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