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Online Learning Modules

All the online learning modules provided here serve as teaching aids for related classes and are open to all as community services in good faith. Any certificate provided at the end of each online course indicates recognition that the holder has attended an online strength and conditioning foundational lifelong learning course. It does not accredit the holder as a qualified strength and conditioning coach or professional. The modules were developed using an AI application, with the content verified by experts within the field.

> for lifelong learning and/or strength & conditioning career development  

Kursus ini memperkenalkan konsep asas senaman, aktiviti fizikal dan latihan suaian fizikal serta aspek keselamatan berkaitan. Sesi pembelajaran adalah secara atas talian yang merangkumi syarahan, pembacaan nota, kuiz dan tayangan video. Peserta akan berpeluang mengenalpasti kriteria jurulatih, program senaman dan aktiviti fizikal yang sesuai untuk diri mereka, keluarga dan masyarakat setempat. 

Introductory level or foundation refresher course focusing on the concept and practical application of physical fitness component, professional code of conduct, safety measures, technological understanding and online resources utilization techniques. 

Basics Strength and Conditioning course covers foundation of strength and conditioning program design for athletes, exercise techniques (external load & explosive exercises), and safe strength training for athletes from childhood to adulthood. 

Advanced Strength and Conditioning covers topics related to systematic athlete's development, athlete's programming and monitoring as well as professional skills needed to coach the athletes. 

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