Some of the short courses offered here are open to general public, while the others are courses meant to assist trainers and coaches always keep up-to-date with current knowledge and competencies. Do contact us for more details.

Workshops & Lectures

MEaL: Move More, Eat Well & Live Longer (Workshop)

Overview: The MEaL workshop provides participant with basic concepts of physical movement, proper eating and healthy lifestyle. Participants will also be introduced to basics personal fitness assessment and simple exercise program which can be manipulated for the purpose of variety.

Monitoring Training Load using Session's Rate of Perceived Exertion  (Workshop) ​

Overview: The sRPE workshop provides participant with basic skills of performance monitoring using session's rate of perceived exertion method. Participants will be taught how to use the sRPE method with their self/clients/athletes, create sRPE database, manage the database, analyze data compiled in the database and understand the outcome it produced.

HIIT Functional Circuit Training (Workshop) 

Overview: Introducing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) concept with functional based exercises. Participants will be introduced to scientific and commercial based background of HIIT and functional exercises; manipulation of training variables to serve the purpose; safety considerations, session's management and suggested or sample protocols that can be used.

Snatch for Fitness Workshop 

Overview: The workshop is specific workshop on snatch exercise for overall strength-endurance purposes. No heavy lifting involved. Participants will be introduced and familiarize with basic technical aspect of the exercise, mobility requirement, mobility development for snatch, sample exercise protocol and safety considerations. 

Simple Assessment for Group Exercise Instructors (Workshop) 

Overview: Main aim of the workshop is to introduce to group exercise instructors as well as their clients or participants on simple and easy to use assessment for healthy lifestyle monitoring purposes. Workshop will be focusing on why assessment is needed; how to select reliable and valid assessment; method of application; and interpretation of data obtained. 

Beginning Fitness Business for Sports Science Graduates Workshop  

Overview: The workshop is specially designed for Sports Science graduates, in order to assist them beginning entrepreneurship in fitness industry. Open only for FSSKj UPSI graduates and final year students only.

Housewife: The "Secret" Agent for Community Fitness (Workshop) 

Overview: The workshop has been designed to assist housewife on becoming a community fitness program  leader at their neighborhood. Participants will be introduced to concept of community fitness; legal boundaries; basic small fitness event management; safety considerations and cultural considerations.

Periodization for Strength & Conditioning (Workshop) 

Overview: Introducing the concept and implementation of periodization of training for sports performance, focusing mainly on strength development and physical conditioning.

Postgrad Research Proposal  (Workshop) 

Overview:  An excellent research proposal will be able to determine a successful progress of a postgraduate study. Research proposal stage is where the problems will be exposed, purpose will be justified and methods will be detailed. The proposal will then need to be defended with support from previous studies and findings. This workshop will assist postgraduate and final year students to learn further on how to prepare a research proposal for full research paper, dissertation or small project paper.

Postgraduate Culture of Excellence (Lecture)

Overview:  What makes a postgraduate studies become memorable and love to be remembered always? What kind of learning environment it should have? Who should be involved in creating that pleasant and strive for success environment? The dynamic talk-show style lecture will explore all of this, and help participants especially post-grad students and related Faculty's staffs working towards creating a postgraduate culture aiming at success with pleasant working environment.

Citation Manager (Mendeley) for Academic Writings (Workshop)

Overview:  Learn the basics of Mendeley, the freely available reference manager and PDF organizer.

Managing Fitness Facilities  for Owners & Trainers Alike Workshop 

Overview: This is a basic fitness facility management workshop. Participants will be introduce to basics of fitness facility set-up, day-to-day management, organizing program, scheduling and basic financial management. The workshop is highly suitable for small fitness facilities, trainers with own studio and new gym managers alike.